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Providence Community Church

Ed Gross - Discipleship Group

In the Men’s Discipleship Group, we dig into God’s Word and discover what He tells us about how He sees us and how He wants us to see ourselves. We are identifying the things that stand between us and the men of God that we want to be. When we can do that, then we can take action against them and live full, victorious, manly lives.


We meet every second and fourth Tuesday at 6:30pm at Providence in Stage 2. This is a standing invitation and you can join whenever you’re able. We work hard to establish a place of trust and honesty where you will be able to be open and honest about the struggles of walking in the confidence of sonship. Please contact Ed at:

Caleb Kuenzli

​​Young Adult Men’s group: This group is for young men looking for community. We dive deep into the Lord and one another’s lives through weekly group time. We meet every Tuesday 7-9PM on the hill. Please contact Caleb at:

Bethany Kuenzli

BPM is an intensive small group for Young Adult Ladies where we check our spiritual pulse and match it to the heart of the Father. If you’re looking to grow exponentially in your friendship with the Holy Spirit, this group is for you! We meet on Monday

evenings at 6PM. Please contact Bethany at:

Spring Grove

Duane and Tammy Kerstetter

We are targeting empty nesters and retirees around the 50’s to 60’s age range who want to have fun and be involved. We meet every other Thursday night at 6:30 pm. We want to grow in our knowledge and experience with God by talking through questions, confusions, and insights always in relation to scripture. We’ll also be community-focused, looking for opportunities to serve and events to join in on. We want to have fun as a group to just “do things” together.  Please contact Duane at:

East Berlin

Victor and Emily Pagan

Paul says of the Thessalonian church, “Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well’ (1 Thes 2:8). Our desire and our delight is that we live a life fully connected to God and to God’s people. We want to make a space in our lives to connect with each other so we meet every Tuesday at the Pagan house (pronounced puh-gahn, not like biblical pagans). We share a meal together and talk about our lives and what God is doing in our midst. Feel free to bring your kids and if it gets chaotic, I guess we will just lock them on the other side of the house while we make attempts to have adult conversations. Please contact Victor at: or Emily at:


Heather Trent

Women’s Monday Night Bible Study from 6:30-8PM in my home. (Took stuff out here) If you are looking to be encouraged, desire fellowship, and want to connect with other ladies this is a great study for you! This Bible study is for any Christian at any stage of their walk with Jesus. We dig right into the Word of God learning who Jesus is and how to apply His teachings to our life. Please contact Heather at: to find out what she is studying.

Providence Community Church

ProvYA - Young Adults

Providence young adults (or ProvYA) meets every Sunday evening from 6-8PM at the church to play games, share a meal, and have intentional discussion. We strive to foster meaningful relationship that glorify Jesus while reminding one another to not take life too seriously and have fun! Find your place with us on Sunday night! Please contact Micheal Evans at:

Ryan and Hollie Louchs

The homeschool small group is a group for homeschooling families to dig into God teachings and applying them to our schooling. We share experiences and do life together with the different members to encourage and help navigate through the calm waters and the rough waters alike. We just want to be a family and have a setting where we can be fully open and trusting with each other. We meet at Providence Church on the 1st, 3rd, & 5th Tuesday at 6:30PM. Children welcome. Please contact Ryan at: or Hollie at:

Mothers Arise

Come join other mothers every 1st & 3rd Friday of the month at 9:30AM. We meet at Providence Church in the kid’s wing. This is for Mother of all ages and stages of life. We as a group want to love, support and encourage one another. My goal is to connect with all of you on some level as we face difficult times in motherhood and sometimes marriage. We are striving to raise our children for the Lord, let’s do that together! We realize it is not for the weak of heart, and that we need each other. Be brave! Have courage! Hear the battle cry mothers and arise to the calling God has on your life. Join us as we walk this road together and lift each other up. Teen helper for kids and your babies are welcome to stay with mom. Ecclesiastes 4:9-12. Please Contact Hannah Laughman at:


Jake and Julia Kent

We want to create an authentic community where people live life together, can connect with each other, and find a place where they belong. Take your everyday, ordinary life - your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around-life - and place it before God as an offering. Romans 12:1-2 MSG. We meet every other Tuesday evening at 5:30 for a potluck dinner. We welcome children, but childcare is limited please contact us. Please contact Jake at: or Julia at:

Glen Rock

Brain and LaGore

We meet every other Sunday at 6PM at the Lagore’s home at 4364 Camp Woods Rd in Glenville. We are presently studying through the book of Genesis looking at all that this first book of the Bible has to teach us about prophecy. Genesis is full of prophetic previews to coming attractions and we have been greatly challenged by the walk of faith of the people we meet in Genesis. (Took a line out here) We have our time together recorded as some prefer because of distance and other constraints to listen to the study remotely, but we also have people from four different churches that attend regularly. New people are always welcome! Please contact Calvin at:


Lorraine Lattanzi

Women’s Thursday Night Bible Study
On October 6, 2022, we will be starting an 8-week study from 7:00 - 9:00pm called, “Women of the Bible.” Our goal is to apply biblical lessons to our own modern-day lives, as we study the stories of women from both the Old and New Testaments. We will learn how their struggles caused them to draw near to God, overcome rejection, and insecurity, persevere through failures, and find lasting contentment with victory. We will begin with worship, soaking in the presence of the Lord. Bring Bible, journal & pen. Please contact Lorraine at:


Ruthie and Will Kauffman

Our group meets on the 2nd & 4th Sunday eve at 6PM. We gather in our home at 760 Hershey Heights Rd, Hanover. We desire to share a meal together followed by a Bible discussion. We also have time for people to share what God has been showing you through the week in your own personal time with God and or other life experiences. We end with a time of prayer for one another and other prayer requests. Adults only, please Please contact Will at: or Ruthie at:

Derek and Amanda Favreau

Our group was birthed in September 2020, right on the heels of the covid lockdowns, which prompted an increased hunger for the community inside of Amanda and me. With our kids Grace and Noah, we meet bi-weekly at our home in South Hanover on Friday evenings at 7PM to fellowship, worship, study, and pray together. We enjoy desserts during our gatherings, have seasonal/holiday meals with one another, and enjoy serving or gathering in the community together. The group was formed with a mix of folks from Providence Church and the community at large (kids’ school, neighborhood, etc) Amanda and I both have had the desire in our hearts for years to host a small group of believers to strengthen and support one another i.e. “do life” together. Our group is currently at full capacity which includes childcare, but we do have openings from time to time. Contact us! Derek: Amanda:

Scott & Mandy Barnhart

Hi! We are Scott and Mandy Barnhart. We meet the 2nd & 4th Sunday at 5:30pm in our home in Hanover. We enjoy a meal and time of fellowship. Please email for more info!

Chad & Amber Chenoweth

We're a group united by faith and a genuine desire for connection, emphasizing a family-oriented atmosphere where adults and kids are warmly welcomed. Our approach is laid-back, beginning with prayers for those in need and transitioning into sharing blessings and praises. Family and fellowship are central to our group's spirit, fostering strong bonds. We meet monthly, possibly more frequently as our connections deepen. If you're seeking a community rooted in faith, love, and support, you're invited to join us and experience our group firsthand. We meet monthly at our house in McSherrystown (with potential rotations to neighbors' homes) from 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM. Contact for more.

Community Groups 2024

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Bible Studies 2023

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Tracy & Sher Young

Our growth group is for married couples who are seeking Jesus as the center of their marriage. We do life with the couples as we meet twice a month during the summer and then weekly in the fall/winter season. The essence of our group is to share a meal, have FUN, serve the community, travel together, and doing life/fellowship together! Thursdays at 6pm in York. Contact for more.



We’re here for the loners, the runners, the extroverted introverts who wanna hang “now and then” and make it COUNT--- The people who know they need community and don’t know how to make it happen. We’re here to spark good conversation, around good meals, and good times. Our lives are shaped by the people in it, and the true impact of this group is connecting you to good ones. Just show up, we’ll take care of the rest.


We meet once a month from 6:30-8:30 in downtown york city, on a different day of the week each time to ensure people with varying schedules get a chance to come. Text CITYGROUP to 7173789230 for location + upcoming dates.


David and Erin Rasch

We are David and Erin Rasch. We live right on the Maryland PA line in Maryland and enjoy camping, family time, and thrive on being busy! (Well, at least Erin does!) We meet because we missed the very large community group we had four years ago before Covid. Neither one of us like Bible studies, but we do like the gathering of friends so we get together twice the month to have potluck style (but still themed) meals, and to hang out, talk, and do life together. We have four, almost 5 kids, so kids of all ages are welcome to come hang out and play with our crazy crew! We meet on the first Saturday at 6 PM and the third Sunday at 1 PM most months. Contact for more.

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